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Keynote: Welcome to the the Grandmac machinery(POM) new website, any product issues and product consulting, please tell us, thank you!
Date: 2013/2/25
Content: Dear Customer Sir / Madam :

Dear Customer Sir / Madam :

Welcome to the website of the Grandmac Machinery (POM m/c origin). For products introduced or consulting, product consulting, select the type and model of the machinery you need, the consultation focused on the following:


Machinery Type:

Such as: the 4-Side Moulder, Multi-Sheet Slicer, Multiple Rip Saw, 2-Spindle Multiple Rip Saw and Other special specification requirements.

Mechanical Model:

Please refer to the Grandmac Machinery website mechanical types of models Model.

Mechanical specifications:

Please inform the specifications and special specifications and design you need, so you do the most professional evaluation and design.


Finally, leave your contact information (phone, fax and e-mail) to facilitate future contact answer matters related consulting, we will deal with your problem as soon as possible, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, thank you! !



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