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SHK-7000(Extra Large Cutting Widht Duty)


9 top and 7 bottom feed rollers provide extra powerful feeding.

Inserted alloy steel table with hard chrome treatedfor maximum wear resistance.

The saw spindle and top feed roller shafts are su



pported by additional supports for dramatically upgrading stability.

The saw blade assembly is easy to move out by power drive, allowing for more convenient saw blade replacement and increasing efficiency dramatically.

Fully powered feed rollers exhibit ultra-powerful feeding performance.

Each feed roller is individually transmitted through a universal shaft.

Powered elevation of top feed rollers.

Powered elevation of saw spindle.

Feed rollers and saw spindle elevation limit is controlled.

Feed system is controlled by a frequency inverter, allowing for variable speed change.

Top and bottom anti-kickback fingers for safety protection.

Automatic power off in case guard is opened.


8 Top + 4 Bottom Feed Rollers

Universal Shaft Transmission

 9 top + 7 bottom feed rollers 
(Standard equipment)

Choice of corrugated or non-corrugated surfaces on the top and bottom feed rollers. Upon customer's requirement, the top feed rollers can be rubber rollers and the bottom feed rollers can be smooth surfaces.

 The 9 top and 7 bottom feed rollers are transmitted through individual universal shaft. The fully powered feed rollers exhibit extra powerful feeding capability.

Air Loaded Top Feed Rollers

Top And Bottom Feed Rollers Run Simultaneously

 Each top feed roller is loaded with air cylinders at the front and rear end, ensuring outstanding feeding performance and increased stability.

 The top and bottom feed rollers are designed with simultaneous running, that makes wood feed smoother and more stable.

Centralized Control Panel

Easy Saw Blade Replacement

 All of motion controls of the machine are centralized on a control panel for convenient operations.

 A feed speed regulator is provided on the control panel, allowing for variable for variable speed change.

The saw blade assembly is easy to move out by power drive, allowing for more convenient saw blade replacement and increasing efficiency dramatically.

The saw spindle is supported by an additional support to greatly upgrade stability during cutting.

Auxiliary Control Box

Manual Lubricator

 Equipped at the cutfeed end, the auxiliary control box will dramatically increase convenience of operation.

 The manual lubricator is used for delivering lubrication oil to feed roller slideways and saw arbor slidewats.




* Specification and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.






Max. thickness of cut

14"(95mm); 16"(120mm

Max. width of cut

700 mm

Saw blade diameter

14"(355mm); 16"(403mm)

Saw spindle speed

2600~3000 rpm

Saw spindle diameter

ø60 mm (套管外徑 Quill outside diameter ø80mm)

Spindle key sizes

15 X 10 mm

Feed speed

2.5 - 22 M/min

Number of feed rollers

9 pcs

Number of table rollers

7 pcs

Table surface size (width)

700 mm

Table surface size (length)

3020 mm

Saw spindle motor

75 HP  (Opt. 100 HP, 125 HP, 150 HP)

Feed drive motor

7.5 HP  (Opt. 10 HP, 7.5 HP)

Saw spindle elevation motor

1 HP x 1

Saw spindle forw./backw. motor

1/4 HP x 1

Feed roller elevation motor

2 HP x 1

Front pressure unit motor

60 W x 1

Net weight

5680 kgs

Gross weight

5880 kgs

Machine dimensions

3400 x 2280 x 1800 mm

Packing dimensions

3600 x 2300 x 2000 mm


 All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.